DraftStar offers football development programs that provide high performance coaching for young athletes aged 11 to 17.  Their holistic programs are designed to improve boys and girls of all abilities on and off the field in an authentic AFL training environment. All of their programs are developed and run by past and present AFL players. Also, they are the only training organisation authorised to use AFL 60 testing protocols, and they link in with the AIS-AFL talent development team to ensure seamless integration into development pathways.

They welcome the opportunity to work with clubs, schools and associations to develop customised programs that support your unique objectives and meet your training and development needs.

Draftstar Edge

Give your team the edge.
DraftStar Edge is an intensive skills training program designed specifically for schools and clubs who want to give their team the edge.  DraftStar Edge is a series of high performance coaching sessions covering a wide range of skills which provide a structured, progressive program designed to lift individual and team performance.  Teams can customise their DraftStar Edge experience by selecting to run:

  • A single session to target a known weakness,
  • A series of sessions for improvement across several areas, or;
  • The entire range of sessions to achieve the maximum level of potential improvement in their playing group

Like all DraftStar programs, DraftStar Edge is for athletes of all abilities and each session includes:

  • Elite level skills and fitness development including specialised drills and testing to benchmark performance
  • A core skill focus
  • A special skill highlight inspired by the signature skill of a DraftStar ambassador for insight into an important element of the game.
  • A holistic focus, with a session on topics like leadership, nutrition, motivation and recovery

DraftStar Squad Manager

DraftStar Squad Manager provides schools, clubs and squads access to a highly qualified team to perform high performance skills testing.  The DraftStar team comes to you and uses cutting edge technology to test and record individual and team results for:

  • Athletic prowess
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Football skills

Results can be tracked and monitored through a web portal to allow for in-depth analysis, to aid in developing individual and team training plans and to assist in the selection process.