2016 Female Diversity Championships

This year the 2016 Female Diversity Championships encompass the National U14 Kickstart and for the first year the National U14 All Nations Cup. The week long round-robin championships provide a pathway into our Woomeras and World Team programs. 

The 2016 National Female Diversity Championships will be held in Shepparton, Victoria from 25th September to 30th September. 

The Championships will see over 200 participants from Indigenous and Multicultural backgrounds come together and compete at the week-long tournament, with an additional 70 plus Indigenous and Multicultural coaches, umpires, managers, physios and trainers as support staff.  

In addition, the cultural and social benefits beyond the games are many. 

CLICK HERE for the Female Diversity Champs DAY 1 MATCH REPORTS!

CLICK HERE for the Female Diversity Champs DAY 2 MATCH REPORTS!

CLICK HERE for the Female Diversity Champs DAY 3 MATCH REPORTS!

CLICK HERE for the Female Diversity Champs GRAND FINAL MATCH REPORTS!

CHECK OUT some of the 2016 Female Diversity Champs Player Profiles:

Erin Naden

Alecia Pienaar

Chelsea Briggs-Baksh

Rachel Hartung

Lela Spotswood

Chalhan Morris & Charlize Anderson

Jamie-Anne Madigan


More Information:

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To participate in the talent programs or for further information contact your state Indigenous and Multicultural Development staff. 

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