Jonathan Brown on Diet

Jonathan BrownBrisbane Lions full forward, Jonathan Brown answers questions about his food and diet routines.

  1. Favourite food and drink?
    Pizza and an ice cold beer (in the off season).
  2. What do you usually have for breakfast on a training day?
    Porridge and fruit, omelet or scrambled eggs on toast.
  3. What do you usually like to eat for your pre-game meal?
    Tinned spaghetti on toast.
  4. Any superstitions around food and football? If so, what are they?
    Yes, I like to eat exactly three hours before game time.
  5. Favourite meal of the day and why?
    Breakfast, Gives me energy to start the day and is especially important due to our morning gym sessions.
  6. Favourite smoothie flavour?
    Banana and strawberry.
  7. What is the best meal you have ever cooked?
    Tacos - My girlfriend looks after me and does most of the cooking.
  8. Most unusual food you have eaten?
    In New Orleans we asked for a fresh seafood platter and they brought out fresh unshelled seafood battered.
  9. Favourite place to eat?
    Melissa Lambertís (Assistant Coach Craig Lambertís wife) home-made pizzas.
  10. Name five essential items on your weekly shopping list?
    Eggs, fruit, oats, cottage cheese, milk.
  11. What is the biggest dietary change you have made to improve your football performance?
    Ensuring I control my alcohol intake during football season. I love a beer just like the next person but it is important to really control my intake while I am trying to recover week to week from games. Also, starting the day with a bowl of porridge; it gives me plenty of long lasting energy and plenty of fibre.
  12. What advice would you give young aspiring footballers about nutrition for football performance?
    Nutrition is one of the most important parts of football as it gives you fuel to train and get through a game. Also during games you concentrate on your hydration to ensure that you are able to run out the game in good shape.

Jonathan Brown in action on the field

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