Nutrition for Umpires - Quiz Answers

Answers to the umpire nutrition quiz to test your understanding of the nutrition and dietary requirements for umpires to be at their best.


  1. C – for a substantial meal
  2. D
  3. C – umpires need a high carbohydrate meal without too much fibre to prepare for umpiring.  Cereal and yoghurt could alter bowel habits.  Steamed fish and veggies have no carbohydrates so doesn’t provide any muscle fuel.  Protein is important POST-training/games to repair damage.  However, it does a poor job of fuelling muscles to prepare for umpiring.
  4. C – if more than this is taken it can often contribute to an excessive intake which then increases skinfolds.
  5. B – there is a minor increase in nutrient requirement for athletes, but the increase is met with the increased food intake. A healthy athlete that supplements their diet with vits/minerals/antioxidants can actually do themselves more harm than good. 
  6. C – female athletes that lose their periods are at higher risk of stress fractures, osteopenia & osteoporosis at a younger than average age.
  7. C
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