AFL and the Indigenous Community

Indigenous Talent Pathways

Australian Football is becoming the sport of choice for diverse communities. Up to 20% of current AFL lists are from diverse backgrounds (11% Indigenous and 9% Multicultural).

The AFL's Indigenous programs are enabling more young talent to be identified and giving more opportunities to aspiring young AFL players.

Talent pathways

In every state and territory there are Australian football multicultural and Indigenous programs run at regional, community and state level.

There is a standard process for young people to get involved in these programs.

Participants need to be a part of their community football and be involved in a football club: it is through this participation that allows them to become a part of the programs at a national level.

Current structure for Indigenous transition pathways:

Most participants involved within the national programs are selected by their state development managers and regional development managers at state carnivals and competitions.

It's the state manager's role to spot the young talent in each state and select participants to represent their state in the AFL's National Indigenous Programs

Each state will select a team of 25 U15 players to take part in a round robin tournament in the U15 National Kickstart Championships.

At the Championships young players display their talent in hope of being selected to join the national Indigenous Flying Boomerangs Squad.

The Boomerangs squad go on to compete overseas in an International Tour either in South Africa or in the Oceania and South Pacific Regions.

The Flying Boomerangs Program is expanding to provide participants with the most chances of being exposed to an elite football environment.

The squad will compete in the U16 NAB National Championships.



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