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European Championships 2010

"Can you afford the flight?" is a key selection criteria for the 8 sides competing in the 2010 European Championships (Aug 1-7). How are Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland and Sweden shaping up?[more]

Sweden Elks co-host European Championships

The Sweden Elks are co-hosting the Eurpoean Championships and are expecting to their field the strongest team they have ever assembled for international competition.[more]

British Bulldogs prepare for European Championships

Great Britain have a long an distinguished history of playing Australian Football dating as far back as 1888. Now they head to the European Championships determined to compete strongly.[more]

Discovering new horizons

View the journey of the World XVIII and South Pacific Teams in the 2010 NAB AFL U16 Championships. [more]

Host nations qualify for top four

After Round 2 matches in the 2010 European Championships, host nations Denmark and Sweden ensured they would qualify for the top four alongside Great Britain and Ireland. [more]

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