G.A.P.S Australian Football

This official licensed Australian Football League resource is designed to aid you as you coach Australian Football at all levels of the sport using a games-based approach to coaching.

G.A.P.S. Australian Football contains 250 animated Games, Activities, Practices & Skills for planning all types of sessions and lessons and covers:

  • Goal Kicking
  • Hand Ball
  • Kicking
  • Marking
  • Spoiling & Crumbing
  • Defence
  • Half Ground
  • Full Ground
  • Patterns of Play
  • Fun & Games
  • Fitness & Running

Easily navigate through a huge variety of detailed session elements to create, print and share session plans.

Purchase a copy of G.A.P.S Australian Football at the AFL Development Resources Shop for $60.00.

For further information, to view an example of an animation or to download G.A.P.S Australian Football you can visit the Tacklesport website.

Screenshots of G.A.P.S Australian Football
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