Umpire AFL - A Basic Guide DVD

The Umpire AFL – A Basic Guide DVD will assist you to understand the important aspects of umpiring.  The DVD is ideal for both learning umpires and experienced umpires wanting to refresh their skills and knowledge.

It explains the role of the umpires, provides a basic knowledge of the Laws of Australian Football, shows where an umpire should position themselves on the field and demonstrates various signals and indications umpires use throughout a match.  There is also an opportunity to test your knowledge of the laws in a What’s Your Decision section.

  • The Role of the Umpires
  • What the Game Expects from Umpires
  • The Umpiring Environment
  • What to Bring
  • Starting the Game
  • Umpiring Skills including:
    o Communication
    o Positioning
    o Decision Making – Knowledge of the Laws
    o Observation
    o Signals and Indications
    o The Throw-In
    o Scoring
  • What’s Your Decision
  • Administrative Responsibilities
  • Umpire Fitness
  • Healthy Eating and Hydration
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