The AFL Green Shirt Program

Photo of AFL umpire in trainingThe AFL’s Green Shirt Program is an umpire education and development program that aims to use experienced umpires to mentor new and inexperienced umpires.

Under this program new and inexperienced umpires wear a green coloured shirt to signify that they are learning their craft and are being supported by a mentor in a similar fashion to a learner driver displaying ‘L’ plates on the road.

Mentor's role

The role of the mentor is crucial in this program. Without the appropriate guidance, direction and coaching, we risk losing umpires before they get the chance to properly develop their skills.
We can all make a contribution to the success of the Green Shirt program and the development of umpiring and overall quality of the game.
New umpires wanting information regarding the AFL Green Shirt Program should contact your local umpire’s coach. 

For further information on the program download the AFL Umpire Mentor Program Manual.