AFL Basic Umpire Course

The Basic Umpiring Course is an introductory course about umpiring Australian Football outlining the basic factors that are involved in being a field, boundary and goal umpire.
The course is not intended to fully equip a person to umpire a senior game of football but is seen as a way in which people who have a passion and an interest in football umpiring may be introduced to some of the specifics of this rewarding involvement in our great Australian game.
The course has been designed to include seven 90-minute modules all of which include some theory and some physical activity.
The seven modules included in the course are:

  • Introduction to umpiring
  • Positioning
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Boundary umpiring
  • Goal umpiring
  • Fitness and nutrition

Some groups request that the course run for a full day or two full morning sessions in a similar fashion to a seminar. However, it is recommended that the course be split over a seven week period (one 90 minute session a week) as running it over one or two days generally results in information overload. The participants in the course will receive a draw-string boot bag, the ‘Ultimate Umpire DVD’, wrist bands, drink bottle, whistle and a cap. If you are interested in running the Basic Umpiring Course please contact the Umpiring Development Manager in your state/territory.